August 31, 2013

Baking & Internship

It's becoming quite embarrassing to start of every blogpost with "Long time no see", so basically I'm just going to ignore the fact I haven't blogged for a week. I have to get rid of the pressure of wanting to post on a regular base, I'm just not made for this! Anyway life has been pretty exciting lately! Whilst the summer holidays are over I have finally started with my internship in Amsterdam which I'm really enjoying so far. Besides doing what I love, learning loads of new things and expanding my cultural knowledge. I'm also sort of "living" in Amsterdam which as you might know by now is one of my favorite places. I couldn't be more happier!

A few things I have been up to:

baking more (Next recipe I'm going to try is the date cake of Bagels&Beans)

 I went to a exhibition of Walker Evans, I had a hard time considering if I like his work or not

trip to Ikea (My room was still missing something, personality, it needed a bit more Lara)

trying to find out how to make the most of a 2,5 hour train journey

housewarming parties (Including a house tour, champagne, snacks & great, great music)



  1. haha you shouldn't worry about not posting... it's your blog! :)

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog
    -- Facebook Page

    1. That's what I try to keep in mind, you're absolutely right!

  2. congrats! and just post when ya can. lol. no worries.


  3. Never worry about not posting, I think most people don't even realise until they read the blogger say that they haven't posted in a while, but I kind of get it, I always feel the urge to apologize too, but it shouldn't matter, because it's our slice of the Internet, and we can do whatever we want with it :)

    Hope you're having a nice weekend!

    1. True! I realize that but, I just need to stop bringing it up all the time. haha

  4. amazing shots dear


  5. Blogging is so much more fun when you do it on your own time -- and when you have something you really want to share, as opposed to what you feel you "should." I think you're doing a fabulous job of it anyway! Love the photo of the iced tea and good read. ;)

    Kate x

  6. These photos look lovely, and blogging is to time consuming you just have to blog when your creative juices are flowing, to showcase great posts.

    1. Thank you Charmaine, for the compliment and your wise words.

  7. Hi.

    Which book are you reading in this post?

    Thanks !


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