September 11, 2013

Easy talk | Coffee Convo

photo source: Tumblr

Whilst my weekly train journeys of 2,5 hours each, theres a lot to think about. Like, what is the difference between being alive and truly living? or what would have happened if..? So instead of staring outside, seeing the world passing by and over-thinking "crucial" descisions I have made in the past, I decided to get my laptop out and convert my thoughts onto digital paper.

I luuve my gadgets, in particular my iPhone! I literally wouldn't know what to do without this magical device. The fact you're virtually connected with people all over the world is just amazing, but it really has it's down sides! As a introvert, for example social media, is heaven, it's safe, I can say and do what I want without getting weird looks, judged or out of my comfort zone. I'm fine with using it, but without noticing my ability to "easy-talk" and hold a conversation is reducing. I tend to grab my Iphone whenever I feel like I'm ending up in a uncomfortable situation, basically to avoid any emberassing actions. Instead of facing reality I hide behind a 3.5inch (Yes, I googled that) Iphone screen. Even though I love to stay in my comfort zone, it's important to connect with people around you in "real life" as well. So try to leave your Iphone home every once in a while, it won't hurt. Who knows, maybe you'll meet a handsome looking fellow who loves to tell you what time it is.

Life in reality!



  1. love this! it's hard to remember to put down the iphone, but it's so important


  2. gadgets are amazing. so many connections. social media is life as well. it's unreal how important social media has become in these past few years. I hope to pursue a career in social media in my future. that's how much i luuurrrve it.

    - Janine

  3. that's funny, I literally JUST read two articles on introverts for class.

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog
    -- Facebook Page

  4. Awesome post and a good reminder!

  5. I have to admit I rarely put down my iPhone. I know it's the worst habit possible and I have to work on this. A lovely reminder!

  6. You're so right. I know exactly what you mean, especially as being pretty introvert myself. Social media is like the safe haven, where you can test out the waters without committing too much... But yes, it's so important to get out and have proper social interaction, even if it ends up awkward sometimes, that's just life :)

  7. such wonderful words.. so well said! your blog is fantastic!

  8. I do silent Sundays where I ignore my phone and just spend time with the people I care about. It's beginning to be my favourite day!


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