October 27, 2013

Sentimental weather

Update from limbo land aka south of The Netherlands

Rain & stormy weather is what's on the menu these days! It's funny how these depressing weather circumstances only make me feel the complete opposite way. Happy! Maybe it's the pumpkin/orange soup, the colorful trees, the good old family-chill-on-sofa-with-a-big-mug-of-tea-time, I don't know. Days like these make me realize I'm glad to have a home, a place to go to where you feel loved and appreciated. Where you're surrounded with people who care about you, motivate you and support you no matter what. I always assumed it was normal to have a place like this in my life. Due certain personal experiences and conversations the past few weeks I realized it's not, not everyone is blessed with a place where there's a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold. You can't choose your family or the environment where you were born in, we must make do with what we have. So we certainly shouldn't take these little things in life for granted! Enough with the sentimental talk, I'm off to bed while the storm is raging through the trees. No better way to fall asleep. Goodnight little pumpkin heads!

Lara                                                                                                                                                                                Photo source: Pinterest


  1. love that photo! so pretty



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  2. Ho, this picture <3 Makes me want to hang out near a fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate!!

  3. The shades in that photograph are amazing! Love autumn colours so much
    love victoriajanex

  4. I'm happy about gloomy fall weather as well! That picture is gorgeous.


  5. Such lovely autumnal colours, how could you not feel happy! I need to remind myself of the pretty colours when all the grey sky starts to get me down!

  6. Every sentence of this post makes me feel warm and good and like I can truly empathise with you! My family have been a true rock (cliche, cliche, puke) recently but I really do wonder how I would be eight weeks on without them. It's been really tough & I appreciate them so much more now!
    Also, miserable weather makes me feel really happy too. I think I was born to watch the rain from in front of the fire place. Life is so good like that!


  7. Lovely blog! following each other's blog and facebook page? :)

  8. You know, thats exactly how i feel when its gloomy out in the fall and winter. Its only in the summer when the bad weather bothers me.
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