August 20, 2015

Favorite hotspots in Antwerp | Travel guide

Antwerp. One of the loveliest cities I've been to in a while. I know cities like Paris, Berlin are amazing, but those little ones like Antwerp are a treasure aswell. Plus, for me, it's just an hour drive away. I can honestly say that Antwerp stole my heart a little. Like I said the people are extremely friendly and helpful, you'll find the nicest places to eat or just have a coffee and the city in general is just really pretty.

Like I said in one of my previous posts, I've been to Antwerp for a few days. And after a lot of asking locals and looking on blogs, we found a few nice hotspots in Antwerp. In most cities it's good to do a little research before you go, where to go, where to eat, but in Antwerp you don't really need to. On every corner you'll find a nice hotspot, but in case you're interested and want to try out a few places I really liked. Go ahead and read further.

Coffee break
If you're shopping at the Meir and your craving a break, there are a few places to go. If you're at the end of the Meir and you go to the left, walk until you find Het Toneelhuis. It's where the more fancier shops are like Gucci and Prada, so if you like me, like to just sit down with a cup of coffee and watch people go by, this is the perfect spot!

This is just a recommendation of mine, ofcourse there are tons of other nice places to go. Antwerp is the perfect city to get lost in. So many nice little streets and alleys, you will love it. We accidentally walked into a nice cupcake store called, MoMade Cupcakes. Usually I'm not really a cupcake eater, but I just had to try one. I just found out that they also have a website, so check it out! MoMade Cupcakes

Like I said there are tons of places to eat, but you if you like Tapas, you have to go to Tapabar on the Pelgrimstreet. We were wandering the streets trying to find a place to eat when we luckily stumbled upon this little bar. The Pelgrimstreet is in general a really nice street in the evening, to eat but also to go out for a drink at night.

Tapabar is more at the end of the street. It has a sort of courtyard and the walls are covered with plants. Not to sound cheesy, but it honestly felt like we were somewhere in Spain. It really felt like we were on holiday. The place was crowded when we arrived but we managed to get 2 seats at the bar/open kitchen. Which was more than okay! Definitely coming back next time, when I visit Antwerp.

Like I said when you want to go out for a drink at night the Pelgrimstreet is really nice. Music, beers and the sound of people chattering. But when you want to go for a really nice cocktail I have another recommendation for you. It's a 1 minute walk from the Pelgrimstreet and it's Brasserie Appelmans. A cocktailbar. They serve over 74 different kind of cocktails. Definitely a hotspot for me and if you're there, go sit on the bar! It's so cool to see how they actually make the cocktails. If you're nice, they even let you taste a few.

The last day in Antwerp, we went for dinner at Berlin. We actually had the intention to eat somewhere else, but it started pouring down rain so we chose the first bar we saw. I actually heard of Berlin Bar before and a friend of us recommended it. Luckily they had a really nice menu aswell. I went for a red curry and my boyfriend went for the salmon. The food was amazing and it's a really nice place to go for a drink at night when you love a laid-back kinda bar.

Have you ever been to Antwerp before? And what are your favorite places?



  1. Lovely photos! I've never been, but I'm definitely interested now!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  2. Have always been dying to visit here! Your photos definitely make us want to visit now
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

    1. I'm happy to hear my photos are able to do that, haha!

  3. Ik ben in 2012 een dag in Antwerpen geweest en heb m'n ogen uitgekeken. Het station herkende ik ook gelijk op je foto. Prachtstad!


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