September 24, 2015

Hi Utrecht

Last week I decided to pay a visit to my best friend, who moved to Utrecht 2 years ago. I realized I haven't seen much of The Netherlands, besides Maastricht, Eindhoven & Amsterdam. And since I've heard many people talking about, how Utrecht is so amaaazing, I just had to find out myself. So, yesterday I took the train to Utrecht, had to travel 2 hours (The perks of living in the south of The Netherlands..) till I finally arrived in Utrecht. Where my personal tour guide was waiting for me.

We went for a coffee at Stan & Co and walked through the city center. I know how people always say Utrecht looks like a tiny version of Amsterdam but I disagree, it has it's own charms ofcourse, but i think it looks more like Delft. And even though I've never been to Delft, I just think it looks like Delft. (I have this image in my head how Delft is supposed to look like, so correct me if I'm wrong) Those tiny houses and canals. Sehr Schön. Anyways, we did a little bit of shopping as well and, as usual, Utrecht has much more to offer than Maastricht, if it comes to shopping. I ended up buying only 2 pair of tights at Hema. Score!

After that we went to Markt, for a bite to eat. Markt is a really nice place to lunch and have dinner. The open kitchen shows all the nice ingredients they use, which has a really modern mediterranean vibe. Definitely a recommendation, I chose the mozzarella panini.

Overall, my first impression of Utrecht is really good! I really enjoyed my time and I will definitely be coming back soon.

Things I liked:
Dille & Kamille
Stach (opens in October)
Yankee candle store



  1. Dikke YAY voor Utrecht. Een van mijn favoriete steden!

    1. Zeker ook van mij! Desondanks ik nog niet veel van Nederland heb gezien eigenlijk.


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