September 27, 2015

How to unwind from your daily life

Life passes by so soon and sometimes I seem to forget to unwind a little and just watch SATC with a cup of tea. I don't know why, but for some reason my life has become like sort of a whirlwind. School, my company (working on it!), filming projects, my blog, my social life, my boyfriend and my family (these are in particular order by the way). And even though I don't mind being busy, it keeps my mind of things, I sometimes miss those Sundays where I wasn't being as productive as I am now. I used to sleep till noon, ate a little, watched series all day long and went to my parents for dinner, because I was being too lazy to cook. For some people it sounds horrifying, but I used to really appreciate these me-days.

It's not the fact that I'm busy that I sometimes forget to relax, it's more that I don't take time for these little moments anymore. It wasn't my number 1 priority, but believe me, after a while you'll realize it is. Balance in crucial, in everything. And being a busy bee, means that you also have to find your me-time. Here some ways to unwind:

1. First of all switch off your phone for a while. I'm not talking about 24 hours no phone, as a true smartphone addict I wouldn't even be able to do that. The key to unwind is to not be disturbed. So just put that phone aside, on do-not-disturb mode. Does it really matter if you open that Snapchat now or an hour later?

2. Give your skin a break. Being a women, I want to take care of my skin properly. Right now it's not that bad, but a few weeks ago my skin was suffering from a lack of sleep and not enough cleansing. I try to not use too much make-up, use natural and calming cleansing products (paraben-free) and like to use a facial mask every once in a while (I prefer the chocolate one from Lush). Your skin will thank you later!

3. Meditation. Now I know a few people around me who do Yoga/meditate and find it very peaceful, but after trying it once myself, I have concluded that it's not really my thing. With meditation I mean, try to create time for yourself, your thoughts and try to clear your mind. I prefer exercising and going for a run, or just listen to some relaxing music (I really love to listen to Norah Jones). Maybe meditation is really your thing? There are loads of really nice applications that can help you relax. Check out her Instagram for inspiration!

4. Do what you like most. To unwind is to do what makes you happy. So if your craving a night watching Sex and the city like me, to go outside for a stroll or like to do some online shopping in bed with a cup of tea. Do it! Let your guilty pleasures loose. One of mine is candles and the big bang theory.

What is your favorite way to unwind?

lots of love,


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