September 13, 2015

Summer turns into rain

Slowly but surely summer is making place for the fall. I have been in a denial for a while, but sweather weather has really arrived. To be honest, the fall has been my favorite season since I was little. I believe I already wrote multiple times about my precious love for this season of the year. The rainy days, countless cups of lemon/ginger tea and smell of my mums homemade apple pie! It makes me heart warm on the inside.

Also I will be moving in november so that makes everything even more exciting! I'm considering making a serie of posts about my moving experience, with interior inspiration and stuff. So let me know if you would like to see that, or not ofcourse. For now I'm about to go to sleep! Tomorrow morning will be a though one, I have to work from 9am till 5pm. On a sunday.. Would love to stay under my warm blankets with my boyfriend, but you know, responsibilities.. Goodnight!



  1. De herfst is ook een van mijn favoriete seizoenen, alles wordt opeens veel gezelliger. Wat spannend dat je gaat verhuizen!

  2. Ik vind herfst leuker qua fashion! Je kunt weer lekker laagjes aan en dikke truien. Laat maar komen dus!

  3. ik vind de herfst ook leuk, zolang ik maar binnen ben als het regent haha! :)


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