October 10, 2015

5 great habits to stick to

We all have certain habits and some of them are better than others. I try to do a few exercises at home every single day and eat a good and healthy breakfast, something I never used to, because I wasn't much of a morning eater. After a while my body thanked me and I started feeling fit, healthy and more concentrated at school. Great! The only thing is, in my mind, I'm often very ambitious but in reality, when it comes to setting tiny goals for myself on a daily base, it not always goes as planned. I found out that the best way to stick to them is to write them down, so here are 5 good habits I want to stick to on a daily base.

Exercise. When I get up in the morning the first thing I do is drink a massive glass of water and do a few exercises. I'm not talking about a full body work-out, because I ain't got much energy in the morning. I selected a few exercises, focussing on certain parts of my body I want to improve. (ahem, my but) After that I take a shower and feel al fresh, energized and ready for the day.

Breakfaaaast. I used to despise eating in the morning, just like exercising really. I now realize that I wasn't much of a morning person. My body just wasn't ready for food that early in the morning. But after reading a few food and fit blogs and ofcourse my mum who always tried to convince me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day (which you were totally right about mum) I decided to push myself into becoming a breakfast person. It worked though! A good start of your day, starts with a nutritious breakfast and a good cup of coffee.

Say "yes" more often. Expanding your boundaries has become a thing in my life lately. Due certain circumstances I realized that life is indeed really short and you should make the best of it. And with making the best of it, I mean discovering new things and learning new things. Get to know yourself by pushing yourself sometimes. But do it because you want it, not because of others.

Get social. And I'm not talking about social media now. Because that's what our lifes has become these days, being connected with everyone around you via your smartphone. Which is truly amazing! But it's so important to talk to people face to face as well. Learn new people, go for a coffee with your best friend or have a lunch date with your mum. It's more personal and eventually so much more fun than via WhatsApp.

Plan things. I found out that looking forward to things is great! I have planned a trip to Madrid 4 months ago and everytime I'm feeling a bit down, I remind myself that in a few weeks I will have a few days off with my love. Which will get me motivated again. Plan a visit to a friend who studies in a different city or a dinner with your boyfriend on Friday, you name it! Planning is fun!

Most important thing is don't be lazy. It's okay to have certain days that you don't feel like doing anything, but do not try to forget that good things (mostly) happen to those who are enterprising and really live. I'd love to hear some good habits of yours and what gets you in a good mood?



  1. This is a great post! I'm already an excessive planner, but I really need to take the rest of these into consideration. Thanks for the reminder!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  2. Yes! I loved this. Breakfast is so important, as well as a cup of tea or coffee! haha. I get very hangry without food in my stomach.

    N- Naomi in Wonderland


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