October 04, 2015

HOME INSPO | New apartment

I believe a month ago I wrote a little post about how I'm moving with my boyfriend the first of December! And I'm still so excited about it. I have been living in my apartment for almost 2 years now and even though it's really nice and spacious, I have been dying to live more in the city center. With a new apartment comes a new interior, which makes Pinterest a really dangerous place for me right now.. I have been adding my home board with loads of new inspiring interior designs, which I just had to share with you!


You may notice a certain pattern in the images I pinned. I love bright and spacious rooms, with white walls and old wooden floors. My new apartment will have multiple really nice, big windows along one side of the living room which makes it really bright during the day. Plus I have a tiny balcony on the south side. Yay, for morning coffees outside!
I love tiles like on the above picture. It gives a room character and personality. My future kitchen is a disaster right now. There's no gas, so I have to cook on an electric stove, which to be honest I'm not thrilled about, but I will make it work. Also it's just a really plain and boring kitchen, with fluorescent lighting. Great. So that's a little project I have to work on! (I will make a before/after post maybe)

I'm considering creating an extra workspace in the kitchen. Maybe a sort of bar, eating area where you can also eat your breakfast on. I don't know. I will have to see if there's enough space (and money) available.

I'm also on the hunt for a new dining table. It has to be longer (for my future investment, iMACie) Plus, new chairs. God, I just want everything. Pinterest is no good for my wallet.

Do you live on your own? And also love to restyle your interior once in a while?



  1. My apartment has furniture from ikea, craiglist (online forum to buy and sell things from/to people in your city. not sure if they have that in the netherlands?), my parents, friends, everywhere! It's a nice little mashup of decor, and although it's not Pinterest-perfect, it fits me well. :)

    1. Most important thing is that it feels like your home!

  2. These are all gorgeous photos! I have lived on my own before but I moved back home after I finished college. So I can't design anything yet, but I'm excited to do so in the future!

    N- Naomi in Wonderland

    1. I would so as well! You can already make wish lists and stuff!

  3. Oh heerlijk deze inspiratie! Lekker licht allemaal :) :)

    ♥♥♥ Saskia

  4. Wauwieee, je hebt echt een hele goede smaak. Super mooi interieur.


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