October 09, 2015

Lifesum app | GET FIT

My goal for the next month is getting more conscious of what I eat on a daily base. That whole living more healthy thingy goes with ups and downs. I have sort of the worst self-discipline when it comes to eating and I really want, no I need to change this. Like I said in previous posts, it's not my goal to loose weight, but it's simply to feel better in my own skin and just feel fit in general. Starting with changing my bad eating habits.

To get more aware of what I eat, I started using Lifesum. You can choose a certain diet, for example the one I chose is the Standard one. Which is all about a balanced and healthy diet, not about eating less, but eating better. You can track what you eat, your exercises and it will show the amount of calories you ingested that day.

It will show you how many calories one meal contains and how many calories you still have left on that specific day. (You can also just scan the barcode of a product to add it to your diary.) Further it will track the amount of glasses water you drink and the calories you burned with certain exercises, which I find really motivating. It also tells you when you have to eat more, which is always a good thing.

So far I'm really pleased about it and I'm only positive about the results. I realized that I never really reach the maximum of calories, I have to eat more often and I drink more water due Lifesum. Now I only have to start exercising more..

Have you ever heard of Lifesum? And would you give it a go?

lots of love,


  1. Wat een handige app! Die ga ik even downloaden..

  2. Ah wat handig! Toen ik zo'n app gebruikte werkte het wel heel erg goed. Misschien maar weer proberen :)


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